Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MacGrubber | Review

This movie is ridiculous. This movie is stupid. And for those two reasons, MacGruber was wonderful!
MacGruber is pretty much Inspector Gadget if it was directed by Jason Freidberg and Aaron Seltzer. I mean this movie is so dumb, so brainless, so fucking lame... that after the film ended I found myself surprisingly loving this film. Huh... weird.
MacGruber is based on the SNL character with Will Forte returning as MacGruber along with Kristen Wig and Ryan Phillipe. So it's about MacGruber, a Zohan-type military expert that retires from his job after his wife was killed by Val Kilmer at their wedding but is beckoned to return to stop him from acquiring codes to a nuclear warhead.
Really, this movie shouldn't be that good, but it was. This is one of those films that are simply critic proof because they know they are making a movie that has a retard as a main character and were written by the lame SNL writers and they make no apology for it. This movie had me bawling in laughter, the grotesque, crude humor that I always shy away from were actually done well. What the fuck am I saying??!!!
I was never a big fan of SNL, their content really started becoming lame bordering on the embarrassing since John Belushi kicked it, but I gotta say, the same lame dialog and slapstick actually work in this. Will Forte as MacGruber will start out as overwhelmingly annoying and unlikable in the beginning of the film but like Sheldon Cooper and Barney Stinson, his character will eventually win you over for his style. Retarded. But style anyway.
The best performance in this was actually Kristen Wig to be honest. While Will Forte was set on being the loud, outlandish, over the top retarded freak, Kristen Wig brings the funny in her trademark subtle, awkward charm. There's a scene in a coffee shop where she's just whispering to the barrister with a face I can't describe and it was the funniest thing I've seen all week. She is one of those actors that I am loving more and more as her filmography grows and I can't wait to see her carry her own movie one day.
Ryan Phillipe I didn't care for so much, his character really got lost under the brilliance of Kristen Wig and loudness of Forte's performance. There wasn't anything bad about it, there just wasn't anything memorable that I can take away from. Phillipe has really hit rock bottom man. He was in Cruel Intentions, Gosford Park, Crash and he was bangin Reese Witherspoon. Now he's a sidekick to a retard SNL actor. This was why Owen Wilson tried to kill himself Ryan. Just giving you the heads up.
With the string of horrid movies we've had this year, it's nice to finally have something that doesn't have to be taken seriously and something to have a lough out loud fun time with. Totally recommended!

RATING: 7/10

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