Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adrianne Palicki Cast As Wonder Woman

The Internet was abuzz last night with the recent announcement of Adrianne Palicki, star of Legion and Friday Night Lights will be returning to television as the titular character in David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman.
Now I'm a fan of David E. Kelley. Hey, the dude made Chicago Hope, The Practice, Ally McBeal and Boston Public. He's friggin God. But when you hear about the details of the direction he's taking with this adaptation of the Amazonian warrior, you'd scratch your head to.

No joke. As describes it:

Wonder Woman is a multiple personality Ally McBeal meets Carrie Bradshaw. Rather than focus on Wonder Woman's role as an Amazonian woman trying to find her place in the world while fighting crime, Kelley has written her as a sobbing, ice-cream eating, Katy Perry-singing man-stalker who juggles three different identities: Wonder Woman - a streetwise vigilante dressed in leather who makes wisecracks while beating up thugs, Diana Themyscira - a high powered executive and chairperson of Themyscira Industries (the company that funds her crimefighting), and mousy "everygirl" Diana Price - a frazzled and sexually-frustrated wageslave who just likes to "hang with her galpals". 
And while I don't mind Palicki's casting, I was really hoping for Megan Gale to play her. Don't know who she is? Google Image her and set the moderate search off. Hu hu.

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