Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NBC Cancels Heroes

To be fair, this one had  been coming. Ever since its first season, Heroes has struggled  to get back to anywhere near the same standard, and when season four  petered to an end earlier this year, most assumed it was done.
For NBC, the high production costs and the dwindling ratings were  clearly major factors. Yet nonetheless, just as ABC did with   FlashForward,  it toyed with the idea of a shortened new season order, in this case to  round things off. As late as yesterday, there were plans for a one-off  finale to tie-up threads being reported.
But today: the plug has been pulled. NBC is not making Heroes any  more, and the show will not be getting a fifth season. Nor, it seems, a  one-off special.
Sadly, we can't say we're surprised, as we weren't expecting it to  even get a season four order. But just as with the also-canceled FlashForward  we can't help thinking that there was a missed opportunity here. In the  case of Heroes, the strength of season one left us salivating  for anything close to that standard again, but we never really got it.

So long, Heroes

Source: Den of Geek

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